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We're changing how the cattle market trades, bringing the trade online. At last, a fair solution!
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Trade Cattle is a secure, easy way to auction your feedyards fat cattle. Sign up to be first into our 2021 launch.
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TradeCattle is a secure, easy way to auction your feedyards. Sign-up to be first into our summer 2020 beta launch.
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Auctions made simple with Trade Cattle.
Bringing you the same experience you receive in an auction house, however with none of the complexities. Easily access the same buyers and sellers and auction rules. Accept or pass bids and make final payments directly to sellers. Never before has the cash market seen such a simplified solution to trading!
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Set up a profile
Upload a photo and create your online profile to either buy or sell. Every seller is also a buyer.
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Add your feedyards
Add your showlists and share headcount, average weight, sex, and kind details.
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Trade Cattle!
Find buyers immediately and secure the winning bid with an automated invoicing system.
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Get instant alerts sent to your inbox
Instant notifications of new bids sent to your email and know immediately if you are winning.
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Communicate with your buyers
Participate in the cash market.
The same auctions, buyers and sellers that you are used to.
Accept or pass bids with one click!
Finalize your bid selection or place bids in seconds.
Pay the seller directly.
Invoicing system to help seal the deal and connect both parties.
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A faster, streamlined approach to auctions
Access the same auctions only with less hassle. Easily buy or sell from your home office, your mobile phone, or from any connected device. Upload photos right from the feedyard!
Gone are the days of cumbersome and ambiguous cash deals. Access the same great product, the same great community, the same flexibility, but leave the worry and confusion behind!
Join our Beta launch today
We will be launching in summer of 2021! Sign up to be the first to access the site and receive news about our upcoming launch!